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Top 10 Free Lottery Sites in 2024

Everybody wants to win the lottery, and even more to earn prizes without having to risk any money first. That is the main reason behind searching for free lottery sites, which consequently leads to finding scams and risking your data

My purpose with this guide is to present the top 10 free lottery sites that can be trusted, plus their real limitations. Maybe with an exception for the people in the UK, the prizes are usually not good enough. Also, their odds are always many times worse than those found on the best lotteries.

If you are still interested, the list below will introduce you to the main ones that still work.

What Are the Best 10 Free Lottery Sites in 2024?

  1. Free Euromillions Lottery
  2. PickMyPostCode
  3. RewardIt
  4. WinLoot 
  5. Raffall’s Free Lottery
  6. Free Birthdate Lottery
  7. Freemoji Lottery
  8. Publishers Clearing House Lotto
  9. Boxlotto
  10. Free National Lotto

Please understand that there are no guarantees involved in the free lottery sites above and that they may terminate at any moment. If you want real chances of winning big prizes and not only $10 gifts, I strongly advise picking one of the real lottery sites:

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All of the reviewed free lottery sites below were checked in terms of user feedback, reliability, terms and conditions, proof of payment, and prizes. If anything has changed or you experience any trouble with the websites listed below, do not hesitate to contact us. You can always prefer the real and paid lottery sites to avoid that risk, as well.

The free Euromillions lottery is composed of daily and weekly drawings exclusively offered to people in the UK. There are £500 (daily) and £10,000 (weekly) jackpots, and anyone who is of the gambling age can ask for free entries online with a single registration. After the first weekly draw, it is necessary to enter at least 3 daily drawings to participate in the weekly draw.

Free Euromillions Lottery

Everything is free, and the player only needs to choose six numbers that range from 1 to 75 or use the Quick Pick. You can only pick one entry per time.

The odds are not great for that prize, but it is free anyway. The drawings occur every day at 7:30 p.m. UK Time, with sales-stop time from 5:30 p.m. UK Time. As for the weekly drawings, they always occur on Mondays at 2:00 p.m. UK Time, with entries accepted by 12:00 p.m. on the same day.

Those odds are far from optimal, and that is quite a geo-restricted game. Fortunately, the actual Euromillions lottery has millionaire prizes, much better odds, and drawings that you can participate from anywhere with a really cheap entry cost.

2. PickMyPostCode

With a very intuitive name, PickMyPostCode is a real free lottery site that is also exclusive for people in the UK. It is based on a system that randomly picks the postcodes of the registered users, and those will be the winners.


The prizes start as little as £5 but can be as high as £200 in the main drawing, or even more if you are lucky enough to catch a rollover – when nobody wins, and the prize is pushed to another drawing. Aside from the main drawing, you may enjoy:

  • Flash drawings – The ones that pay the little £5 prizes with a better chance of winning. 
  • Task drawings – By completing special missions like watching a video or completing a survey, you can see the winning postcode. 
  • Stackpot – The fastest hand online claims the £10 prize.

It is worthy of notice that you need to re-enter your postcode regularly to keep participating. Moreover, it seems that inviting people to participate actually raises your chances of winning, although the game continues to be completely random.

3. WinLoot

WinLoot is a sweepstakes website or a free lottery site if you prefer to call it that way, with incredible prizes of up to $10,000,000. There seem to have been a lot of verifiable winners, over 166,000 of them, and the numbers keep increasing. The odds are way more difficult than actual lottery games with tough odds like Powerball, but people try it anyway.


You can only play WinLoot if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. There is a total of 30 giveaways with the minimum possible prize being $25 for winners, among which we can highlight:

Free Lottery PrizeYour Odds of Winning
$16.5k/month for Life1 in 5,047,381,560
$1,000,0001 in 386,206,920
$100,0001 in 99,884,400
$50,0001 in 50,063,860
$25,0001 in 25,827,165
$5,0001 in 9,366,819

Each game will have a different set of rules, including the game matrix. There is a lot of material to read and understand about them, and you should be aware of the risks. After all, you are playing on a free lottery site with hard but existing millionaire prizes. In exchange, their terms and conditions make clear that they are entitled to sell your personal data.

Therefore, if you do not want odds of 1 in 5 billion and to keep your data safe, I’d recommend that you stick with the regular lotteries that you can play online.

4. RewardIt

RewardIt is from the same company that owns WinLoot, so you already know how it works. It has a few tweaks that differentiate it from its sister free lottery. There are 15 different sweepstakes or giveaways, and the smallest possible prize for winners is $5, whereas there will always be at least one $50 winner every day.


For obvious reasons, I did not sign up to have a try. It is also available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and they reserve the right to sell the information that you use to sign up. The odds are similarly as bad as the ones in WinLoot, with the same $10,000,000 prize divided into monthly payments with the nearly impossible odds of 1 in 5 billion.

5. Raffall’s Free Lottery

Raffall’s is a free lottery site that can also be accessed via its mobile lottery app and used by people to install their own raffles. There are premium and free ones, but keep in mind that you will not be able to participate in them all, as that is up to each raffle host. You can even set raffles of your own if you want them to run on a legit system.

Raffall’s Free Lottery

Now, if you are wondering if there is any better chance of participating in a free lottery, then you should keep an eye on the guaranteed raffle that occurs a few times every year. Register and wait for it, with the main prize of $1,000 and other small prizes.

6. Free Birthdate Lottery

Free Birthdate Lottery is a really simple free lottery website filled with ads. At least we know where the money for the free prizes comes from. So far, the biggest prize ever paid by the Free Birthdate Lottery was £50, and the total amount is around £8,000. Therefore, do not expect huge prizes from this one.

Despite the name of the website, there are three different manners of scoring a tiny prize:

  • Instant Prizes – You do not even have to be registered for this one, only really lucky, with prizes around £10.
  • Survey Draw – Complete a ticket to get tickets to the drawing.
  • Birthdate Draw – Get paid by having the birthdate drawn.

Aside from the free lottery site, the Free Birthdate Lottery also has an Android app.

7. Freemoji Lottery

Freemoji is a free lottery site that pays via PayPal. It has one daily drawing with a $20 prize that rolls over without limits, plus extra drawings worth $5, called the Fivers draws. The Freemoji Lottery belongs to the same owners of PickMyPostCode, but unlike its sister free lottery, it is not restricted to the UK.

Freemoji Lottery

You only need to pick a combo of 5 emojis and wait for the results. The main drawing occurs every day at 7 p.m. GMT, and winners have only 24 hours to claim their prizes. No one is ever notified about winning a prize, so you have to be smart and check more often than you do the lottery results.

8. Publishers Clearing House Lotto

The Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Lotto is an exclusive US free lottery site. Its game matrix is a tough 8/54 + 1/24, which results in quite challenging odds:

Free Lottery PrizeYour Odds of Winning
Up to $4,000,000.001 in 24,971,178,960
$1,000,000.001 in 1,040,465,790
$5001 in 67,854,048
$5001 in 2,827,353

For the $1,000,000.00 prize, you need to match all the 8 numbers. If you match the 1/24 PowerPrize number, you receive up to $4,000,000.00 instead, starting from $1,500,000.00.

Publishers Clearing House Lotto

The $500 prizes are reserved for those who match 7 numbers or 7 + 1/24, respectively, and that is why the odds are still so hard to achieve. Also, all those big prizes are paid in annuities, and you have no lump-sum cash payment option. If you win, you are duly notified by the PCH Lotto.

9. Boxlotto

You can enter the weekly free lottery drawings of Boxlotto if you live in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, or Australia. The biggest possible prize that you can win is $1,000, and there seems to be no payment or sale of your data in exchange for that chance. Everyone who registers gets 30 entries per week, and that is it.

The website is quite messy, and it looks like it was brought from the 90s. If you are feeling like trying it, these are the prizes and odds that you can put your hands into:

MatchFree Lottery PrizeYour Odds of Winning
6 + 1$1,0001 in 1,351,724,220
6$501 in 46,611,180
5 + 1$20 + 10 tickets1 in 4,250,705
520 tickets1 in 146,576
410 tickets1 in 2,180
33 tickets1 in 96

The prizes have been reduced a lot since its creation, as well. Remember that, by playing that type of free lottery site, you will be doing so at your sole discretion.

10. Free National Lotto

The Free National Lotto is another free lottery site that can be played from everywhere around the world. It claims that the prizes are possible through the money collected via advertising, with which they support three different drawings:

  • Survey Draw – Complete the daily survey for the chance of winning £5.
  • Daily Draw – Daily drawings that can pay up to £15.
  • 5 Ball Draw – Pick 5 numbers that should be drawn for you to win £2,000.

Free National Lotto

The 5 Ball Draw, the most important drawing in the FNL free lottery, occurs every Thursday and Sunday. There almost never is a winner, even though the prize is not huge. That is why we prefer to recommend the real thing, lotteries where you purchase online tickets on the websites that we recommend, as they have much better odds and prizes.

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3 Free Lottery Sites to Avoid

Not every free lottery site can be trusted. If, even among the ones that I listed above, there are those that cannot be guaranteed or sell your information, guess what else you can find on the internet. In order to be entirely safe, prefer to play real lotteries with good prizes and odds available on the websites recommended here instead.

#1 Free Lotto Fest

Despite the name, that website only redirects to supposedly purchased lottery tickets in bundles, meaning that it is not entirely free. In addition, there is no guarantee of the prizes, which is why it could not be recommended among other free lottery sites.

Compared to your real chances of winning in the lotteries that we recommend, which are also not expensive, it is better not to take unnecessary risks with this one.

#2 Free-Lottery.Net

Free-Lottery has the same prizes, structure, and drawing time as the EuroMillions free lottery. In other words, it does not seem to be an original game. Available only in the UK, does not show any proof of its payments, and there are complaints of people wondering where their prizes went.

In the light of those considerations, we could not recommend Free-Lottery.Net as one of the free lottery sites worth trying in 2024.

#3 My Free Lottery Pool

MyFreeLotteryPool claims that they purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, and SuperEnalotto tickets of your choice, and you would pay nothing for it. In exchange, they would keep 50% of the jackpot.

However, there seems to be no proof of the tickets they claim to purchase and nothing on real winners since its creation in 2007. Therefore, it just looks like a scam website to earn money on advertisements.

In most cases, you cannot trust free lottery sites. There are a few examples that can be trusted, such as the official Euromillions free drawings, and you are never playing with good odds anyway. Most of those websites are built to earn money with advertisements or to sell your information to other services, admittedly.

The most real ones are those with really small prizes, and the odds are almost impossible to beat. Therefore, playing any real lottery on the websites that we recommend here is the safest and the best way to save your time and enjoy the lottery.

How to Identify Scam and Fake Free Lotteries?

There are many ways to identify scams, and 95% of the cases will show red flags that you should keep in mind, regardless of how tempting the offer is. Some of the indications that you are seeing a scam free lottery site are:

  • Asking for a credit card or bank details.
  • No proof of tickets if they claim to purchase real tickets.
  • No way to verify the supposed winners.
  • Websites that do not look professional.
  • Too much spamming or advertisements.

You will notice that most of the free lottery sites fit into at least one of the red flags above, and that is why it is never a good deal to join those.

How Do Free Lottery Sites Make Money?

Free lottery sites receive nothing from you to put you in the pool of possible winners. Therefore, they have to make money somehow. There are a few possibilities, and we have examples of free lottery sites listed on this page for all of them:

  • Advertisement – Most of the legit free lottery sites with tiny prizes actually make money from the ads you see on the website. The more you navigate, the better is their budget to cover the prizes.
  • Sale of information – There are free lottery sites that admittedly sell your personal information, from which you can opt out. Also, there are those that do that without your knowledge.
  • Other sources – When we think of legit programs of free lotteries like the UK-exclusive Euromillions, we know that there is a serious authority behind it with other sources of income, including paid lotteries.

How to Play on Free Lottery Sites?

Since you do not have to make any payment for participating in free lottery sites, the overall process to participate is quite easy. You will register with some personal information, like your name and email, and then participate in the drawings automatically or by selecting numbers.

In most cases, especially to reduce the number of winners on purpose, they will not notify you of the prizes. Therefore, you will have to keep an eye on the free lotteries that you are playing to claim your prize.

What Can You Win on Free Lottery Sites?

Each of the free lottery sites has different prizes. Some pay up to millions of dollars in annuities with nearly impossible odds, or at least they claim they do, while others pay around $5. Do not get daydreaming about huge prizes without ever putting a penny at risk because that is not going to happen.

Why Are Online Lottery Sites Better Than Free Lottery Sites?

The online lottery sites that we have tested and now recommend here are legit companies that either let you bet on results of real lotteries or purchase tickets on your behalf. Through them, you participate in well-known lottery schemes, like Cash4Life. Moreover, since they were reviewed by our team, you have a complete analysis to prove their legitimacy.

There is no free lunch, and the small payment of $1 or $2 entries is what allows real lotteries available on online lottery sites to pay the real prizes. That is also why they have odds that are 10 to 100x better for prizes that are up to 1,000x bigger.

As a result, that leaves no logical reason to insist on free lottery sites.

Should You Play on Free Lottery Sites?

Depending on where you live, there will be one or two options of free lottery sites that can be considered to be legit. However, you are still at risk when you are participating in services provided by third parties that you do not know well. Considering the huge odds that are quite impossible to beat and the low prizes, I do not see a reason to recommend free lotteries.

In fact, you can not only play real lotteries with possible odds for millionaire prizes but also get discounts, bundles, play in online syndicates, and get free tickets after your purchase. Stick to the real thing, and abandon the dream of free stuff.


The sweepstakes that are free and found online paying small amounts do exist, and they profit from their ads. Any lotteries promising jackpots without any participating cost is a scam. The Euromillions free lottery is an exception, as it is official.

There is no doubt that the official Euromillions free lottery is the best one, but it is only available for those in the UK.

Even when they are free, lotteries are still under the same regulation. Therefore, follow the local legislation in your country.

When you sign up and play on online lottery sites that offer real lotteries, you can always participate in promotions and freebies.



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