Austria Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

  • 17
  • 30
  • 42
  • 48
  • 50
  • 04
  • 08
EUR 240 Million


Tue, Dec 12, 2023

EUR 17 Million
  • 4
  • 5
  • 23
  • 34
  • 38
  • 40
  • 15
EUR 1 Million


Wed, Dec 13, 2023

EUR 1 Million
  • 11
  • 23
  • 40
  • 47
  • 56
  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 10
  • 32
  • 38
  • 5
EUR 20,000 per month for 30 years


Mon, Dec 11, 2023

EUR 20,000 per month for 30 years

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All Austria Lottery Details

All the best Austria lottery games that count with results on our website are summarized below.

EuromillionsProgressive Jackpot5/50 + 2/1207:30 p.m. CET
LottoProgressive Jackpot6/4506:30 p.m. CET / 06:00 p.m. CET (Sunday)
ZahlenlottoFixed Prize1-5/9006:00 p.m. CET / 05:00 p.m. CET (Saturday)

Austria Lottery Games Schedule

Bookmark this page to know at what type to check the Austria lottery results according to the schedule below and Austria local time:

Euromillions  08:30 p.m. CET  08:30 p.m. CET 
Lotto07:17 p.m. CET  06:47 p.m. CET   
Zahlenlotto  06:00 p.m. CET 06:00 p.m. CET 06:00 p.m. CET

Buy Austria Lottery Tickets in Advance

Instead of paying a visit to the retailer or online lottery site every time you want to play, it is possible to guarantee your participation if you learn how to buy lottery tickets in advance. When playing locally, you may purchase tickets to up to 10 drawings in advance and even sign up for subscriptions if you play it online.

On the other hand, on the top international lottery sites, you may purchase tickets to up to 52 drawings in advance and also find subscriptions. As a plus, you get discounts and free lottery tickets for that!

How to Buy Lottery Tickets in Austria?

In Austria, you have got a few alternatives when it comes to buying lottery tickets. First, as a resident, players can go to local retailers, use the official licensed websites, or even use the local app to get their tickets. Lotto and Euromillions can also be found on international lottery sites like theLotter.

All of the options above are safe and allow you to purchase Austria Lottery tickets, either on paper or digitally. Once you choose your preferred one, this is how you buy lottery tickets to Austrian lotteries:

  1. Find a retailer near you or choose one of the websites where you can play the lotteries with safety.
  2. Choose one of the games to start adding tickets to your cart. You are able to go back and play another game later as well.
  3. Pick the numbers yourself or use a quick pick to complete the play slips that you are going to convert into tickets.
  4. If available, consider purchasing add-ons and whether you want to repeat those tickets for future drawings or not.
  5. Repeat the process with other tickets and games until you are ready to complete your purchase. Pay for the tickets, and if they are on paper, make sure to find a safe place to store them.
  6. Bookmark this page to check the Austria Lottery results as soon as they are out and verify if you are the winner!

Can You Play Austria Lotteries in Other Countries?

Except for Zahlenlotto, you may play the other lotteries from Austria even if you are abroad. They are available on online lottery sites, but you need to pick one that has been tested and approved, such as the ones listed here on LotteryTexts. Be ready to pay a small fee for the service of being able to purchase a ticket from another country!

How to Check Austria Lottery Results?

Whenever you play one of the Austrian lotteries, open this page where you will find the Austria Lottery results for each game. The latest winning numbers will be shown with the corresponding drawing date. If you want to verify the previous results, simply tap on the lottery game to find them!

How to Claim a Lottery Prize in Austria?

If you win a lottery prize in Austria, there is no reason to be anxious about it. The country is quite well-organized in terms of allowing winners to receive their winnings. Follow the instructions below to claim what is owed to you:

PrizeWhere you PlayedInstructions
Up to EUR 1,000Local RetailersTake your original receipt to any lottery acceptance point and receive your winnings immediately.
Official Lottery Site or AppYour account will be credited automatically.
International Lottery SitesYour account will be credited automatically.
Between EUR 1,000.01 and EUR 80,000Local RetailersClaim at one of the big prize payment offices after the official four-week complaint period, or call the customer service center of the Austrian Lotteries. You need the original receipt and an official photo ID.
Official Lottery Site or AppTransferred to the specified bank account after the official four-week complaint period. In the case of an app, you need to take the barcode to one of the big prize payment offices together with an official photo ID.
International Lottery SitesFrom about EUR 2,500, you need to claim in person following the same rules as local players if you play on a lottery agent site. Prizes from lottery betting sites are always transferred in full.
EUR 80,000 or moreLocal RetailersContact the Austrian Lotteries Customer Service Center on 0800 404 645 to receive further instructions. Make sure your ticket is safe.
Official Lottery Site or App
International Lottery Sites

Even though you have up to three years to claim your winnings in Austria, it is safer to claim it as soon as possible – especially if you have paper tickets that you could lose. As soon as you verify that you are a winner through the Austria Lottery results, go fill out the claim form.

Austria Lottery Taxes

The legislation in Austria demands that you declare winnings by prize draws or lottery by your bank, societies, an investment body, or similar events, as well as any prizes and benefits you receive, like a car. However, winnings from the official lottery, which is considered to be an “ordinary lottery”, do not need to be declared. Therefore, you do not need to declare and receive your winnings completely free from taxes.

On the other hand, while you can avoid lottery taxes in Austria, you still need to pay taxes on your capital gains. Therefore, if you invest those winnings or do anything that generates you capital in the future, that result is subject to the regular tax.

Lottery Rules in Austria

  • You may play Austrian lotteries online through the officially licensed website.
  • Lottery winnings are completely free from taxes.
  • Winners have up to 3 years to claim their prize, but they always need to have the original receipt with them to do it.

FAQs About Austria Lotteries & Drawing Results

The lottery results from Austria are published after drawings, which occur according to the schedule found on this page.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old can play Austrian lotteries. They can be played locally by residents or via the internet by people who are not within the country’s borders.

Yes, the Austria lottery results on this page are the official ones launched after the drawing results with no mistakes.

You have a total of three years to claim your prizes in Austria. Take your time and organize your finances before you go take your winnings.

You can always find the Austria Lottery results here on LotteryTexts. Each game has its own separate page with the winning numbers!

You can play Euromillions, Lotto, and Zahlenlotto which are featured here with their respective results.

Yes, the most popular lotteries in Austria are also offered on international lottery sites and on the officially licensed website that is exclusive for residents.


USD 477 Million!

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