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About LotteyTexts

Know What Makes LotteryTexts the Top Lottery Results Site

With tonnes of data bombarded on the internet today, it becomes vital to have access to the most accurate, to-the-point, and the latest lottery information with ease. LotteryTexts is just about having those data on lottery results, games and tools, prizes and odds, rules, schedule, and other services right at the click of a button. 

You can check out the 100% verified results instantly and from any part of the world. What makes it stand out is the brilliant interface that is easy to use while enabling cutting-edge features, including instant jackpot alerts. 

Who We Are

We are lottery enthusiasts who analyzed the lack of a dedicated platform that makes it easier and more exciting to view lottery results, analyze the trends over the years, check the winning odds, and make the game experience much more compelling. With a team ranging from lottery experts, content curators, researchers, data analysts, and others, LotteryTexts’ prime mission is to offer you the most accurate results in the least possible time.

Picture of Daniel Wagner
Daniel Wagner

Co-Founder & CTO

Picture of Matthew Kramer
Matthew Kramer

Co-Founder & CMO

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Melissa Brown

Content Editor & Research

What Do We Cover on LotteryTexts?

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Salient Features of LotteryTexts

Accurate, Hourly-Updated Data

Our site information is updated every hour so that you never miss out on the timely results. Rest assured that you will get the accurate information at your disposal.

Fastest Results

We understand the eagerness to check out those winning numbers and know the results, and hence, we bring to you the latest lottery results right after they are announced.

Instant Jackpot Alerts

Be the first to know the jackpot winnings through instantaneous alerts and notifications about the big prizes and more. We’d never let you miss out on the jackpots.

Exclusive Tips

You can access the lottery insights and other tips and crucial info to keep in mind while playing the next draw. These points can help you know the game better, and hence, play it better.

State-of-the-Art Interface

The user interface of LotteryTexts make lotteries even more thrilling. The dynamic timer on each lottery-specific page ticks the excitement for the next draw. You get the current winning numbers, the jackpot sum, next draw date/time, and other crucial information in easy to absorb format.

New Worldwide Lottery Results

LotteryTexts is home to lottery results from across the world. Covering more than 140 countries, the enormous list of 500+ lotteries is still growing.

Lottery History & Analytics

You can get a deeper insight into the lottery trends and history of the lottery game you wish to play. This feature can demonstrate if it is wise to invest in that game or not and whether the current jackpots are alluring enough.



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